Bay Bizness 3 Funk or Die

Bay Bizness 3 Funk or Die

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Bay Bizzness 3: Funk or Die

The secret teachings of successful street hustlin' are broken down pearl by pearl and bestowed upon Omari "Askari" Jenkins. But is it a gift or a curse? The beautiful but troubled Lelani Blue wins Askari's heart and becomes an R&B super diva in the process. But can she be trusted? Underneath the surface of this gritty urban tale are timeless jewels of wisdom sprinkled over the body of an unforgettable love story...

"Very talented writer and a "Real One" from the West Coast."
Terry Wroten, Author, Mentor, and Entrepreneur

Author Shaun Sinclair

"A CLASSIC! A story for the ages."
Kwame Teague, author of "Dutch".

"Written in Stone...this is one of the best books I've ever read!"
Darryl "Lil D" Reed, author of "Weight.”